Our recipients live in Cusco, Peru. They are running a pub, or, a place for people to gather and become inebriated. They plan to use the loan to expand and enrich their business. By this, they plan to purchase more glass mugs and types of alcohol and convert their current plan of operations to a larger scale. The main person trying to utilize the loan is one Eva Rojaz Galiano. She is 39-years-old, married, and has two adolescent children.


Significant Issues of our Country

Although Peru has gained a significant boost in its economy in the past decade, their citizens do not always receive the same attention. Peru's infrastructure is poor, at best; the only places worthwhile being in is on the coast lands, away from the mining that gives their country their wealth. As such, non-coastal citizens do not have the same luxuries of their western counter-parts. There remains a split in socioeconomic levels: the poor in the middle of Peru, and the rich on the outskirts of Peru. In Peru, the main source for the country's economy lies in their soil. Not agriculture, but rather, the ground itself; Peru is in a state where they mostly support themselves on minerals and mining. There is limited minerals and metal to mine for, as matter does not create itself out of thin air, unless there would be a process that does this. But as there is no such process yet, the Peruvians are in a predicament where their main export could leave withing a century. As a cause of the economic situation, the environment suffers. Mining is an extremely taxing effort; the time and energy put in is enormous. To mine requires large machinery and certain devices to extract the precious minerals; by this, trucks and explosives are used. Minerals are found in the ground, so mining shuffles the ground to search for the metals and minerals it looks for. This mining severely degradates the soil; the mining sludge left over retains potent toxins, which could leak into lakes and streams nearby.

Choosing the Clientele

The recipient is female, and based on biases in the media, she is most trustworthy. Ms. Galiano is also in her late 30s and early 40s, a time period that suggests her experience is quite long and has learned many hardships. Although she has a husband, she still has children who need their education; within our biases, we have a heart for ourselves, and hope for other youth to make it into the world. They live in the Huanhac province of Cusco, Peru. This resides mainly inland, but some kilometers the the west lies the coast land. Based on Google Maps, we have confirmed that the Huanhac province most likely a slum, with the crowded houses and semi-dense population. Though the province is a slum, they still conserve some of the previous life in parts of the province. Our recipient's business is a pub, which is mainly a retail shop, but in the form of alcohols and related pub-activities. In all honesty, we thought it was interesting market, especially in a place outside of the major markets of alcohol consumption (the US and Europe). And, we believe that everyone needs a stress-relief, and a pub represents the place for the older crowd to hang out or exist. The recipient's repayment rate is monthly, suggesting that we may receive our payments by $2.50 each year. A close inspection of her account reveals she has four months to send back her loan, believing the payment to be about $6.25 from August to November. As an unexpected benefit, the money returns faster to the lender.

Benefits of the Clientele's Business

Contrary to some, not everyone who drinks becomes a raging alcoholic. Alcohol, specifically beer, is a means to relax and unwind, after a hard day's work. It is only when one reaches over-consumption does one become hazardous to society. A pub would be a nice gift to a working class environment, where the community our recipient lives. Our recipient is a retailer; her position as a pub owner does not change that fact, as it merely is a guise for which she sells under. An extra shop adds to the economy, and based on our assumptions, is beneficial in a slum typed community. The more people are working, the more people coming in for a drink. They receive more clients than most other retail shops. The recipient's business is mostly neutral to the environment; there isn't a direct effect on the environment, such as land or water pollution. Though they are planning to expand shop, it will not take 5 acres of space. Neither do glass mugs nor does alcohol directly affect the environment from their standing in the community.

Negative Consequences of the Clientele's Business

Our recipient's business has an initially obvious harmful effect on society: their business is getting people drunk. The state of inebriation causes people's judgements to fall off their mark, making them unsuitable in a functioning society. This leads to suchthings as abuse at home and destruction of property. Crime rates may go up. Pubs can be a money sink, shifting the economy towards a dysfunctional state: a state wherein more people would pay for their self-gratification than for rent or something important. Why pay for anything that causes one to think than to pay for anything that numbs the feelings? Contrary to previous statements, a pub could indirectly harm the environment. Increased crime rates could have a factor of property damage, including degradation of recreational parks and other indirectly caused effects by events involving alcohol abuse. Not only this, but the transference of alcohol from places where this alcohol creation does occur is costly to the environment too; trucks and planes are needed to bring the materials and substances to the province, adding more carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere. Not to mention the amount of energy it takes to glass or alcohol.