Welcome APES students to your summer benchmark!

For starters...

What is a wiki?

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What are we trying to do?

Eight months about how we're going to destroy the world, followed by a four hour test. Is there no better end to AP environmental science? Fear not! For in this project you'll be applying what you've learned this year about the connections between economics, ecology, and society to invest in people throughout the world through the tool of microcredit. Your goal is to justify who your group invests in given your goal of benefiting the world in an ecological, financial, and social sense. Plus, this is my money, so justify this wisely.

Who is working on what?

Check out the group list of who is working on what project and how to contact them.

How will you be assessed?

Behold the super almighty ownage rubric (Out of 128 points total): Rubric